June 18, 2011

Quick Review: Green Lantern (2011)

We're not dwelling too much on this one, because a review of a Superhero movie doesn't really belong here, but just for the Fanboys out there, we'll give a quick word or two:

This movie was pretty fun.

This isn't a lexicon-abiding, serious comic book movie at all; no, it's more of a lighthearted popcorn flick if it's anything. It felt a bit rushed in some places, lame in others, it lagged quite a bit, and it was as cheesy as it was visually stunning.

It was fun escapism that you'll forget about 10 seconds after you see it.

We felt like this at times watching this one.
But then she made things all better.
Tell me he wouldn't be perfect for Deadpool.

If you like Ryan Reynolds and his whole wry sarcasm shtick, and prefer style over substance, then this movie is a fun ride. Hopefully, if there's a sequel, it takes a more serious road though. And sucks less.

It's a solid C, for what it is.


Blake Lively made this one a better movie.

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