June 13, 2011

Game of Thrones just upped the ante on us...

*I'm going to try to keep the spoilers at a bare minimum here, because if you haven't already, you really should start this amazing series from ep.1 and watch them for yourselves. I'll be as ambiguous as possible, but if you haven't seen last night's episode yet, stop reading. You're only cheating yourself if you don't. With the ending of last night's 9th GOT episode, Baelor, HBO and George R.R. Martin did what very few shows have ever done, so early on -They killed off the main character. Now, here's the rub on the statement that I just made; This show, as well as the books, really has a bunch of main characters, though 4 tend to stand out as focal points. Dany, Tyrion, Jon Snow and Arya are for the most part, the "main" protagonists. That said, the character that left us last night was a huge blow, and it killed me to watch them go. Then again, the rest of the series is fueled by their death, so it serves a large purpose. I give Martin credit for having the balls to kill off a character so important to the story, though it makes sense why he did so. This series isn't Frodo running to Mount Doom to save the world. One person isn't the hero here, and it can be argued that no one in the story really is. This show has already been decried by some as being on the level of another HBO show, The Wire. When I think of the definitively perfect TV show, I think of The Wire. I won't go into why here, because this is a horror site after all, but if you've seen it, you already know. If you haven't, then I really wish I could give you all 5 seasons on DVD, hug you and say "You're welcome." It was that good. Game of Thrones is already at the same level as The Wire, though I do say that hesitantly. There's still a lot for this show to prove, but I'll be damned if it hasn't already shown and proved on about every level thus far. We just need more. If HBO keeps up the high level of drama and characterization, and continues to translate the books so well, my claim won't be hesitant for very long. If this show can give me its version of Omar Little, I might even come to love it above all other shows. First though, let's see how they handle the dragons.
"You come at the king, you best not miss. Ya feel me?"


  1. What time are we going to be able to watch GOT on HBOGO? Early in the AM on Sunday or do we have to wait until 5pm????

  2. I'm nt sure, but I have to imagine that the episode will be on HBOgo right after it airs. So Maybe 10-11pm est?

  3. I just watched the last episode last night. I am so sad they beheaded him!
    And the dragon lady's "sun and stars"....I was sad to see him go as well.

  4. I'll tell ya Stephanie, it is sad, but such a great story, and most of it happens because of that beheading.

    I'm halfway through the 3rd book and all I can say is wow. next season is going to be even better.