February 14, 2011

Review: Trollhunter (2011)

"Oh, hell yeah!"

Sub-Genre- Hand Held/Found Footage/Creature  
Cast Members of Note- Otto Jesperen... is the Trolljegeren!  

Essentially this is Norway's answer to The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, except that there's not a witch involved, and it's not a lame rip off of Godzilla. This movie is about trolls; not the kind that wreak havoc on Internet message boards, but the kind that live under bridges, turn to stone in the daylight, rape goats, and eat sheep. People too. Maybe it's just a Norwegian thing...

So this movie is based off of a musical? Who knew?
Long story short, a film crew full of slacker dip-shits hook up with, and follow around, Norway's answer to Chuck Norris. Blasphemy you say? No one is as bad-ass as the greatest white karate man of all time? Well, his name is Hans, and until Chuck Norris fights a 100 metres tall troll with a flashlight, he wins the title of king bad-ass. (Chuck Norris, if you're reading this, ignore what I just said. It's all propaganda for the sake of a movie review. You will always be the king. Sir. )

Fights a 100 metre tall trolls with a flashlight... think about that.
There are a bunch of different types of trolls in Norway you see; some have three heads; some are as big as mountains; some look like Gerard Depardieu... and due to something or other about power lines, they have been misbehaving of late. Hans, being the Trolljegeren (more like troll murderer actually), knows the types of trolls, their traits, and their weaknesses... and most importantly, how to kill them. Gloriously.

See that tiny little thing on the ground in front of the troll? That's a hummer-like vehicle with Hans and his rooftop flashlight cannon...
That's basically the plot; Hans and his film crew buddies track a bunch of naughty trolls through the forests and mountains of Norway and kill them. Add in a Government conspiracy to keep all talk of trolls on the DL, and it makes for some interesting moments. I won't spoil what happens towards the end here, but suffice it to say that Trolljegeren-ing is dangerous work. Also, it smells pretty bad too. It's all about rubbing troll-fat butter on your crotch and armpits... I'm just sayin'.

Gerard Depardieu is in this.
This movie was so much fun that I'm still smiling thinking about it. Aside from an ending that left us a bit wanting, we cant remember the last time we sat through such a fun, well made, and fresh Horror flick. Maybe Trick r' Treat? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Raglefant. Tussealadd. Rimtusse. Dovregubben. Harding. The massive Jotner. There are all kinds of trolls, and they are spread all over Norway; in the forests, in the mountains, under bridges. They kinda look like big, smelly, hungry puppets with phallic noses, almost cartoonish. Make no mistake though, they are intimidating and they want to eat you. They feel like something out of a fairytale, but are presented to the audience as a natural predator in such a realistic way, that I'm not entirely sure that Norway doesn't really have trolls. Alright, I know they don't, but it all sure felt real.

As far as the Found Footage genre goes, this movie is aces. It feels real. Nothing feels forced here like in so many other FF movies. Especially with Hans; he's just a gruff old timer who has a job to do. He hunts trolls. Not one thing about it scares him either, like he's hunting deer, or duck or something. He's a bad-ass because he's really just someone like your Dad or Grandfather, only he kills monsters.

The movie also does a good job of not only keeping you on the edge of your seat, but in letting us know just how huge, imposing and dangerous these creatures really are. It's almost like watching a documentary on the National Geographic Channel. They did a great job conveying the realism on this one.

Hans and his RPG flashlight... the dude is fighting a walking mountain!
Where are you going, Hans? You're in the middle of fucking Norway, which is all ice and snow mind you, so maybe wandering off into the desolate tundra isn't the best idea... at least tell us why! He always was a lone wolf.

The Norwegian Chuck Norris.
The ending. Sure, as a Found Footage flick you have to expect that at some point the footage has to just end, and abruptly, but what happened? Were they shot? Did the one guy hitch a ride? Did Hans ever finish his hike? Are the trolls doing well? I need answers. Sequel please.

What happened?!?
Troll piss, troll poop, troll slime (I don't want to know where it came form), sheep abuse, trolls explode, people are rent limb from limb... it's not really a violent movie overall, but the gross stuff is there.

Nope. Well, do the trolls count as far as a nudity quotient goes? If so, then there's all kinds of skin on display in this one.

People in Norway are tough enough to fight trolls. Also, trolls have penis noses.

And they smell. Bad.
This movie needs to be seen by all genre fans, and as soon as possible. It is not perfect, so don't let a great grade make you think that it is. What Trolljegeren is though, is a hell of an entertaining movie that does the Found Footage genre right, and puts Cloverfield and its ilk to shame. I can't imagine how someone could not have fun with this movie.

See it or suck.



 Trolls, trolls everyewhere!


  1. Excellent review! I completely agree with everything you're saying, though for me, [REC] remains the best POV/found footage horror film.

    What a great blog you have here, I'm already a fan :)

    Keep up the good work.

    I'll be glad to have you as a follower.

  2. Wahahaha, the movie is cool, but the best scene for me was with the Polish bear smugglers. "why problem make when you no problem have you don't want to make". And funnier still, the subtitles were translating what the guy said into normal English.

  3. I love everything about this review except for the Cloverfield part. THAT movie was fucking awesome and it was a rip off of Godzilla. It was their TAKE on the Godzilla (Monsters destroying the city) and it is WAY better than Godzilla and less corny. Just finished watching this movie...WITH no subtitles so the ending was a GIANT WTF for me. :/

  4. very nice movie to watch something that i don't see from the Blair Witch Project,sorry Nebular but i like more the first...
    Keep it up and dont go in norway unless your name is Hans.

  5. Anon, Cloverfield was good for what it was, but for me it just felt like a ton of build-up that never truly paid off enough in the end.

    And really, it all comes back to Godzilla, doesn't it? :)

  6. Siderite: Agreed! That scene was hilarious from start to finish.

  7. I think Hans was going to even the score for slaughtering the troll families the last time he was in their territory. He was going to offer himself to them after killing the rabid troll, which would control anymore boundary violations.

  8. I just finished watching, and it was every bit as awesome as you said it would be. Sadly, I never would have heard of it if I hadn't read your review. This movie should be an instant classic!

    Great blog. I've been exposed to lots of great movies because of it!

  9. R.M.- It really was a good one, wasn't it?

    And thanks. Spreading the word on these types of movies is really what we are all about.

  10. The film was very bad if they spent a bit more time on it then it would have been a great film,I was very disapointed that i did not see any heads getting chewed of and spat out i mean come on even king kong can do that 2/10 over all i would not bother with it.

  11. We're a little baffled by your dislike of the movie, Anon, but you are entitled to your own opinion.

  12. great review, even greater movie. But "Hummer type vehicle" ?? Come on man, it's a friggin' Land Rover!

  13. I know, outofstep, but you need to remember that we're also the ones who refer to the French as "France People"...

    We're a bit out of the box lol

  14. Just finished watching "Troll Hunter" (english dubbed version)...Despite having an overly annoying documentarian in your face most of the movie(he really was rather annoying), the movie was definitely a fun ride for sure. It was great to see a giant monster movie without rehashing godzilla (i.e. CloverField). The CGI sequences were "A-" grade quality, and I really enjoyed the troll hunter himself. Kinda reminded me of Quint in Jaws with that rough, quiet, but no messin' around demeanor. Wicked movie overall!

  15. Where do I find the movie in dubbed