January 29, 2010

Review: Paintball (2010)

This movie is such a mess, I don't even know where to start. 

The constant shaky cam might be a good place. The horribly-written and acted characters might be another. Better yet, the shoddy story that felt like it had been written by a couple of Middle School Kids with ADD might be it too. Take your pick, it's all equally worthy of our collective venom. 

The story borrows heavily from films like Martyrs and Hostel, with touches of Gamer and let's say every Backwoods Horror movie you've ever seen thrown in for good measure, and then shits on it all. 

A lot of it didn't make much sense, but it's basically about a group of tools on a paintball trip who realize far too late that the game is real, and its stakes are -dun,dun,dun- their lives! Interesting enough premise, but too bad the execution was so horrible. 

Maybe if they had kept their masks on the entire time and not talked...
Do these people know how to play paintball? They stand out n the open, talk loud, and even scream. When people start dying, they still scream. Loudly and often. Once the first person was killed, wouldn't you think that shutting up and keeping out of plain sight might be for the best? So many of the characters actions were nonsensical or cheesy, that about 15 minutes in, I didn't care anymore. I really hate when characters are nothing more that plot devices, without a trace of depth or worth other than to be there, act stupid, and die. 

Just notches in the deathpost.
I also hate when filmmakers treat me like I'm a moron. You see, if the camera is looking one way and we the audience can't see something, then neither can the characters, right? Even if it's something in plain view of all of them, like a body stretched out in the open right in front of most of them. IN PLAIN SIGHT. But the camera swings and... the characters react! Too much of the film made no logical sense, and again, within 15 minutes I was well past the point of wanting to watch any more.

And what's with the shaky-cam thing? The entire time, the camera jiggles and shakes as if we're watching things from an unseen killers point of view, but we're not. The killer's POV was all shown through thermal imaging goggles, and the death scenes were mostly shown through them too, basically editing out any gore we may have seen. I don't get what the filmmakers were going for with most of it, but it grated on the nerves. And the ending... what the hell even happened? Screw it. It just doesn't matter.

Just die already.
That's right, the master was not pleased at all with this one. Bad writing, bad acting, bad camera work, bad directing... I could go on and on about the bad points of this movie, but it would be a fruitless exercise. It's been a long time since a movie left me truly pissed off, and this is coming from a guy that was shaking mad after watching last year's Halloween 2. I think I'd actually watch that one again first.

Now had this girl been in the movie... no, it still would have sucked.

This movie did star some lovely ladies though. we can not deny that.


  1. Conceptually, this sounded terrible. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  2. Haha. Man...I would totally be the one to watch this too, saying "Oh look! A horror film called Paintball! Sweet...this is going to be awesome."

  3. One word one freakin word to sum this film up. WTF. Seriously movie writer like that should be shot. The ending sucked. The plot sucked. This person must have been on drugs thinking that a horror name paintball would be a great film. Do ur self a favor mr director drop dead

  4. Weird, but interesting

  5. someone plz explain that ending im so confused