November 9, 2009

DVD Reveiw: Paranormal Activity (2007/2009)

"A creepy breath of fresh air, that's what this movie is."
In Attendance- Me, Machine, Karrie, Dave, and Mrs. Machine.
Cast Members of Note- Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat.

Katie and Micah are a sweet, All-American couple living the American Dream except for the fact that Katie is haunted by a ghost. For me that's the end of any relationship, but then again I'm really scared of ghosts. I'm sorry, but love can not defeat an angry spirit!

Sorry Katie, but you gots to go!
They eventually set up a camera to record their room at night, because too many creepy things are happening and they want some sort of an explanation. Things get so bad that they are forced to call in a ghost psychic, which does absolutely no good at all because he gets scared and leaves. Hint, hint, Micah.

How many hints do you need!
A Ouija Board and a few YouTube videos later, Micah tries to karate fight the ghost, which only serves to piss it off even more. I won't spoil any more of what happens here, but suffice it to say that ghosts hate you, and they have no problems showing it. They won't even let you get the proper amount of sleep, and that is true hate.

She can't even sleep during the day. Poor Katie.
This was a really good movie; creepy, well-made for its minuscule budget, well acted, and did I mention creepy? Now, I won't say that it's the creepiest thing I've ever seen, but it delivers plenty of scares with minimalism and subtlety. I can see how some might love PA, while others might hate it. Kinda just like it was with Blair Witch.

I'm not sure which version is better, the 2007 original or the 2009 Theatrical, which have different scenes and endings, though I might lean towards the Theatrical version because the ending and daytime scenes were kinda cool. It's nice to see something original make it to theaters, and especially to see the "little guy" kick the crap out of the latest, needless SAW movie.

This is an exclusive still of a deleted scene from Paranormal Activity. Chilling.
It's absolutely frustrating that it takes so long for a movie like this, or Trick r' Treat, or All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (which still isn't out in the U.S.) to be released, when so many other sub-par Horror flicks get released in their stead. Studio politics be damned I say!

"The ghost is in your shirt... I'll grab him!"
What kind of a dumb ass taunts evil spirits? Come on Micah, you can't win when you essentially challenge a frigging demon to a fight, and why in the hell would you want to rile it up anyway? Be nice, offer it cookies or something, but don't dare it to fight you!

Stop poking the bear, Micah!
There's a little bit of the nasty stuff in this one, but this movie really isn't about all of that. Plus, there are varying amounts of violence depending on which version were talking about. Yes, there are actually 3 cuts of the movie out there...

Katie Featherston does not unleash her sweater puppies, which is nearly criminal, because they look like they'd be superb if unleashed.

Yes Katie, I'm talking about your boobs, and I'm not sorry!
If your girlfriend is haunted, dump her. It's really for the best. Also, don't taunt the ghosts. What are you, insane?

Ain't love grand?
People will either love Paranormal Activity's subtle build and quietly creepy atmosphere, or they will call it boring and lame. I, for the most part, think it was highly effective and enjoyable, especially since it had such a tiny budget. It's nice to see a movie that isn't all jump scares and music cues, and that succeeds by making the most of its own rules. If you haven't already, you really should check it out... especially since there are already talks of a sequel.


Paranormal Activity is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

We admire Katie Featherston and her acting talents. Her lovely, lovely acting talents.


  1. Glad you finally got to see it and that you enjoyed it. Love this movie.

  2. Gotta admit I liked Micah's incessant taunting of the demon. Finally a movie where everybody wasn't totally frightened and running around with scaredy cat faces.

  3. Yeah Becky, I saw it a while ago right around the time that you posted about it, but sat on the review until now. Good flick indeed.

    And Jaded, you have a point, I dig the strong bit for a change too, but it cost him dearly! LOL

  4. Hmmm... well I can't say I enjoyed it as much as you. In fact, I can't say I enjoyed the movie at all. I enjoyed the "Sweater puppies" comment, though. I was cracking up after reading that.


  5. "...or they will call it boring and lame" - that. To each his own but this overhyped turd was completely unscary and disappointing. Great marketing campaign though. It sure worked.

  6. excellent write up. I wasn't as impressed with it as much as I hoped I would be. I wanted to see the sweater meat as well. I'm happy that a REAL atmospheric thriller has succeeded and it's not some torture porn like SAW. I'm sick of that crap. We need sounds, doors slamming, bring on the eerie vibes!

  7. I quite enjoyed it (in bed with me rum and fags/smokes). I had a seasoned friend praising it earlier. But Micha made me laugh with his annoyingness. "Fucking A!" Why do Americans shout this? I do not understand. I was expecting him to fight the demon with some terrible cds. The guy was a complete bellend

    And she lasted 3 weeks with him? The stupid deserve each other!!

    But aye, quite enjoyed it overall. I actually know someone from work who looks forward to the next SAW installment. Mind you she was a fucking scab in the recent postal strikes, so that puts her on a level of badness too!

  8. You sure smoke a lot of fags, Rhino. Sorry, as an uncultured American, I just had to say that. :)

  9. Ok, aside from what I found to be a torturous first 30 minutes or so (and not in a good way) and the lamest last 5 seconds (I saw what I am told was the theatrical version in which Katie aka Creepy demon chick jumps out at the camera) I've seen in awhile, I rather liked the simple and minimalistic creepiness of this one. Glad I finally decided to take the time to sit and watch it. OXOXO Cherrie

  10. Cherrie baby, minimalistic might be the best word to describe this movie. Nice one :)

  11. First off, your blog is the ONLY one I go to for my horror addiction! Keep it up!

    Second, this movie scared the piss out of me! Saw the second one last night, and I thought it followed the first very well.

    Spooky shit!!

  12. Thanks bloody medic... we don't even like ourselves that much, so trust me when I say we appreciate you liking us for us.

    Also, PA2 creeped me out so bad at one point I had to pause it and walk away. Not much does that either.