November 30, 2009

Quick Review: Skull Heads (2009)
The story of Skull Heads revolves around a whiny girl (the ever-sexy Robin Sydney) who is locked away in a castle with her parents, because the world is evil and she should just stay at home to be safe. In the film's only good moment, the girl stands fully naked in front of a mirror and checks herself out, which was quite pleasing. Other than that though, there's a 20-minute-long breakfast scene followed by a 20-minute-long dinner scene... and by the time this movie is 50 minutes in, and nothing has happened other than a lot of bad acting and some Skull Puppets peeking around corners. That leaves only 25 minutes more to have even more nothing happen.

I guess the castle is protected by supernatural guardians called Skull Heads, who harm mean people if they try to harm the family that lives in Skull Head castle... whatever.

This movie was just plain old boring and lame, like a bad episode of Tales from the Darkside or something. I do like the poster though.
"Ooga Booga!"
Skull Heads is a typical Full Moon release; if you like things cheap and cheesy, then you'll dig it. If you don't, like us, then you'll be trying to poke your eyes out for its entire 80 minute runtime. Rent accordingly.

Robin Sydney is in this.

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