November 16, 2009

Quick Review: The Perfect Getaway (2009)
The Perfect Getaway is the story of a couple on vacation in Hawaii who comes across two other couples, one of which has been murdering other couples like a couple of creeps. It's a battle for survival that plays out in a pretty intense and "whodunit" manner.

This was a pretty solid effort. It's got a decent story that had plenty of twists and turns, it's set in some truly gorgeous locations, and it was pretty engaging... which is why I'm not sure why it didn't blow me away like I thought it would. It had all the ingredients of a movie that I'd love, and yet it left me feeling a bit underwhelmed when it was over, and I can't really say why.

Don't be mad, Milla. It could have just been my mood.
The best part of the whole thing though is the cast. Timothy Olyphant and Steve Zahn alone make most things extra watchable, and it was fun to see a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth playing the "bad guy" in this one. Throw in the considerable talent and even more considerable hotness of Milla Jovovich, and it only makes things better. She's special, folks. Then again, so are Marley Shelton and Keile Sanchez... Basically everyone in the cast is pretty special, and they've all gone on to do some great projects since.

That cast tho...
I'm going to chalk it up to seeing it at the wrong time, I think. When it hits DVD I'll pick it up and watch it again, and maybe it will please me more than it did this first time. Maybe you should check it out and let me know if it was better than I initially thought. I don't always get it right, you know. *Ha! Yes I do!


The Perfect Getaway is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

Milla, Keile, and Marley... The perfect girls to go on a perfect getaway with.

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  1. Recently saw the director's cut on BR, and thought it improved the film. There seems to be a bit added to the flashback sequence that fills out the relationship between two of the characters...just all in all felt like it was a better film than the original cut.