November 6, 2015

What's New On VOD This Week? (11/3-11/6)

VOD 550
Some Aussie Backwoods Horror; some Irish Backwoods Body Horror; a b-grade Krampus movie; a Mexican Anthology; a colony of killer wasps; and a Home Invasion flick starring Effy Stonem.

This is the week in VOD!

Looks like this week it's Charlie's Farm, The Hallow, and Mexico Barbaro for us.

*Click the pics to check out the trailers or rent the movies.

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  • Charlie's Farm looks like it might be a solid Backwoods flick. At least it's one that's set in Australia, and not the American South for a change. RENT IT.
  • The Hallow was a pretty solid Backwoods/Creature/Body Horror effort, and our review will be coming here shortly. Definitely worthy of a rental though. RENT IT
  • This cheesy-ass looking Krampus movie is coincidentally being released a few weeks before Mike Doherty's Krampus movie (which actually looks great) hits theaters. There's also a sequel that came out this week called Krampus 2: The Krampusing or something, but it's only available on DVD, and not VOD. What a shame. SKIP IT.
  • Mexico Barbaro is a Horror Anthology that contains 8 stories that are based off of real-life Mexican Legends. And it looks pretty damned good. Check out the Red Band Trailer HERE. RENT IT
  • Stung looks like cheesy, b-movie fun, but if you have Netflix, then you can check it out there for free. If not, it looks like it might be worth a rental. RENT IT
  • And finally we have Tiger House; a decent enough Home Invasion Thriller starring the hottest chick from Skins. That's a British TV Show, ICYMI. RENT IT

So click the links, check out the trailers, and watch what looks good to you... and happy streaming!

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  1. You guys forgot Wrecker, starring Anna Hutchison from Cabin in the Woods. That also hit VOD today.

    1. Wrecker still has an Amazon Pre-Order up for the 17th. It's got an 11/6 street date for Theaters, and 11/10 for iTunes though.

      Unless maybe it's on cable On-Demand, which we'l lhave to check.