November 2, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD Releases: November & December!

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Even though The Halloween Season has come and gone, we still need movies to watch, so we've updated our Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates Page to keep you in the know as far as what's coming out, and when.

Plus, with The Holiday Season rapidly approaching (some would say that it's already here), we're going to need gift ideas for the Horror lovers in our lives. Yay, Christmas!

We've included some of November & December's biggest titles below, but be sure to click the banner above to see the complete list of everything that's coming out.

NovemberBloodDarkDiabolicalFinalRoarStungtendernessBetterBoundOnePlayTerminator2CincoDeadlyHobbit TrilogyKillerShocka cbloodGhostDecemberWalkingCootiesFearGoodnightMutilatorTokyoAnt 3DHannibalknockthunder2CarEugenieJustineMissionWhatNightmaresBloodSomeBanner-2


  1. So just curious but what is the picture for November? And while on the subject who are the four pics at the top header?

    1. The picture for November is from Bound to Vengeance.

      Tha banner is, from left to right: The Dark, a "deleted: segment from the first ABC's of Death called , Keoma, and Mandy Lane.

    2. I knew that was Amber Heard just don't remember her looking like that in Mandy Lane and I knew I recognized the great Franco Nero.

      Thanks for the reply.