November 20, 2015

What's New on VOD This Week? (11/17-11/20)

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What a great week for VOD releases.

Sure, three of them aren't even Horror movies, but let's not kid ourselves and pretend that we aren't suckers for a good Comic Book movie, or Tom Cruise doing crazy stunts. Because we are. 

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  • See it First: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was all kinds of crazy fun, and maybe even the best of the series. Or maybe Ghost Protocol was the best. Not sure. Either way, it's a great flick, especially if you enjoy Tom Cruise, and who doesn't?: HE HANGS FROM A PLANE AS IT TAKES OFF in this one. You can't bruise the Cruise.
  • See it a Close Second: Ant-Man is probably the "smallest" (no pun intended) of the Marvel movies, but it's big on heart, funny, and a great addition to the MCU overall. We're waiting to see it again on Blu-ray, because it's a definite Must Own for us, but for those of you who prefer to do it digitally, this is a must rent.
  • See it Horror-First: Our first Horror flick of the week, #Horror is one that we'll definitely be watching. It definitely looks a bit odd, so we're hoping it ends up being odd in a good way. We'll let you know either way.
  • See it With a Date*: Landmine Goes Click is another one that we're excited to check out. It look bleak and disturbing, and it garnered some good buzz when it ran the festival circuit, so we're expecting big things from this little Indie Thriller. *Realistically, this is probably not a great date movie.
  • Just See it: The Stanford Prison Experiment is one  of those Indie Drama/Thrillers that will probably make you think as much as it disturbs you, but those usually end up being the best kinds of flicks. Billy Crudup is always great in anything he's in, so we're all aboard for this one.
  • See it as a Morbid Curiosity: Fantastic Four was ill-conceived from the start. We love Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller was great in Whiplash, but this movie just effed the whole F4 thing right up. Why is it so hard for studios to make a good F4 movie? It's about the strength of family, it's not a hard concept to master. This one bombed at the Box Office, and sits at a whopping 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, so proceed with caution. Bad movies can be fun though, so maybe it's worth a rental for the bad movie lovers out there.  

Happy streaming!

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  1. Does any one here like Coherence 2013 or Night of the Comet?

    Also Altered Minds just released on VOD.


  2. I just wanted to take a minute and suggest Last Shift, it's definitely one of the better horror movies I've seen in awhile, a well made, creepy little flick that balances psychological horror and demonic gore. Plus it stars a very talented and hot, Juliana Harkavy (best known for a bit part in The Walking Dead), who plays a very likable lead.

    Worth a check out especially if you've got Netflix and can watch for free.

  3. By chance, I've already seen "The Stanford Prison Experiment". I don't think it added much to the theme and the plot was uneven and for me, it dragged. I liked "Das Experiment", a german movie from 2001, loosely based on the same experiment better. But I might be biased after growing up in germany and thinking that several of the actors were pretty great.

  4. #Horror was terrible. SO terrible. I was looking forward to it and was really disappointed - nothing even happens for 90% of the movie!