June 30, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for June 30th

The last week in June may be a little light on the Horror releases, but at the same time, it is rich in other Genre offerings that are absolutely worth a look.

If you like watching bad movies along the lines of something that MST3K or Rifftrax would rip to shreds, then this week's Blu-ray & DVD releases have got you more than covered. Between the awesome 2-Pack from Scream Factory, and the trio of Post-Apocalyptic movies being released by Blue Underground, you've got some of the best Bad Movies of the 80's at your fingertips.

Hell, you could almost argue that Road House is a good Bad Movie. It's not bad at all, but you could argue the point.

*Be sure to click the pics to order yourself some flicks, because let's face it, you deserve to spoil yourself.

"Clown dolls. Witches. Hasselhoff. What more could you want? Prepare yourself for one of the most bizarre double bills imaginable with Ghosthouse and Witchery! Released in Italy as part of the infamous La Casa series, these two highly unusual horror films are essential viewing for fans of Cult Cinema."

Ghosthouse is one of our favorite 80's Horror flicks for the simple reason that it's as creepy as it is ridiculous; it's definitely a so-bad-it's-good type of movie, but then there's that creepy kid with that creepy clown doll, and that hypnotically creepy nursery rhyme that plays every time they kill someone... We just love it. In fact it's so bad, and we love it so much, that we bought the Rifftrax version of it just to hear the gang goof on it. You can check out that version out HERE.

Witchery is one that we don't really remember, but any sleazy Italian Horror movie from the 80's that stars David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair just has to be entertaining on some level. Plus it comes with Ghosthouse, so even if we end up hating it, it's like a fun bonus.

The bottom line is that this 2-Pack from Scream Factory (yes, they strike again), is one that we've been anxiously awaiting for months now, and we can't wait to give it a spin in our Blu-ray player.

"It's 1990 and the Bronx has officially been declared a "No Man's Land." The authorities have given up all attempts to restore law and order. When a beautiful young woman runs away from Manhattan into this wasteland of motorcycle gangs and marauding warriors, her corrupt father sends a ruthless mercenary to bring her back at all costs. But gang leader Trash has other plans, uniting the rival outlaws to wage an all-out guerrilla war against their corporate oppressors."

The Road Warrior spawned a countless number of shitty Post-Apocalyptic rip-offs in the 80's, which was both a bad and a good thing. It was bad because most of them were cheap and awful, but it was also a good thing because as awful as they were, they were every bit as enjoyable to watch as Bad Movie Club material.

Whether it's this one, or the two below, each of these releases from Blue Underground will have you cringing while you're laughing your asses off. Good times.

"Patrick Swayze stars in this sexy, tough-guy thriller from the producer of Die Hard and The Matrix. Swayze is Dalton, a legendary bouncer who comes to Jasper, Missouri, for a special purpose: to restore order at the notorious Double Deuce bar. In one spectacular fight after another, Dalton rids the bar of thugs and henchmen. But when he runs afoul of a ruthless crime boss (Gazzara) who controls the town, the stage is set for a blistering showdown that'll leave only one man standing!"

If we have to explain to you why this movie is so great, then we feel bad for you. If you do know this movie, and you don't love the hell out of it, then we kind of hate you. I know that sounds harsh, but how can you hate Patrick Swayze and his fantastic hairdo kicking ass like he does in this movie?

It's just not possible.

  • Much like 1990: The Bronx Warriors (above), Escape From the Bronx and The New Barbarians are two cheesy slices of early 80's Post-Apocalyptic bliss... if you love Bad Movies, that is.
  • Critics were not kind at all to Sean Penn's newest effort, The Gunman, and we don't get it, because as espionage Thrillers go, it was an enjoyable ride. It's definitely worthy of a watch.
  • Everything else, as always, is a crap-shoot. 


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