June 18, 2015

The Best Horror & Genre Blu-ray Releases of 2015... So Far.

If you're looking to add a Blu-ray or three to your collection, we've updated our Best of 2015 list to help you figure out which ones might be worth your while.

Streaming is a great option for most movies, but there are just some that we need to own physical copies of; when done right, nothing looks sharper than a movie on Blu-ray, and you don't get Special Features and commentaries on Netflix. We don't want to own every movie on Blu-ray, but some titles are just too good to pass up.

If you click the banner above, you'll be taken to our Best Blu-ray Releases of 2015 page, where we've compiled a list the best discs to hit the market so far this year. Some look and sound superb, some are loaded with Special Features that movie lovers will eat up, and some are just great movies that we were happy to finally have on Blu-ray. *Ladyhawke and Harley Davidson are perfect examples of that last one.

If we had to pick 5 releases that we consider the absolute Best of 2015 so far (as far as quality of title, Audio & Video, and Special Features go), we'd say that The Wire, Cannibal Ferox, Don't Look Now, Society, and The Beyond are the best of them all. Those 5 releases are about as Must Own as it gets.

The rest of 2015 is sure to see plenty of other top notch Blu-ray releases hit store shelves, but for now, we're just happy to have been blessed with as many quality titles as we have so far this year.

So click through to check out the releases that you may have missed out on, and stop missing out on them!


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