February 25, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for February 25th

Aside from some B-grade DVD releases, there's not much in the way of Horror Releases for this, the last week in February. Luckily there are some fairly notable discs from other genres to tide us over until next week when some higher-end Horror titles once again hits the shelves.

For anyone that doesn't already own the Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray, The Hogwarts Collection is the ticket for you. This set boasts all 8 movies plus a wealth of special features spread out over 31 discs (19 BDs, 12 DVDs.) That's some pretty comprehensive stuff right there, and for &169.99, not a bad deal at all.

Two of 2013's biggest titles hit stores this week, in Gravity and Thor: The Dark World. Both are available in 2D or 3D versions, and are sure to sell a ton of copies. We'll be grabbing Thor, to add to our Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection, but we'll take a pass on Gravity; the latter movie was fun, we just don't see ourselves watching it again.

It's interesting to note that Criterion is releasing Blue is the Warmest Color, as the movie which boasts a graphic 6 minute lesbian sex scene which has garnered all sorts of buzz/controversy. It must be one hell of a flick to be getting the Criterion treatment, so we'll give it a look.

If there's one movie you should avoid this week, it's Amber Alert (Our Review HERE), as it was one of the worst movies we've seen in quite some time. Honestly, run from this horrid movie.

Everything else this week is a "whatever tickles your fancy" type of thing.

As usual, click on the pics to buy yourself a copy of the flicks!

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