February 28, 2014

10 Horror Eyes for February! (The All-Hannibal Edition)

Another month, another 10 Horror Eyes!

Is there a Horror movie out there that doesn't offer at least one close-up of someone's eyes during its runtime? We sure hope not, because we just can't get enough of them. They're windows to the soul, you know.

So once again, let us celebrate the ocular images that add that extra tension and emotion to our favorite films. *We mean that as a generality, as these are not necessarily our favorite films. Then again, they're not necessarily not our favorite films, either. Could go either way.
With Season 2 of Hannibal getting underway tonight on NBC, we figured what better way to get ourselves in the Psychopathic Party mood than to take a look at the eyes of the show's most beloved characters.

They convey so much emotion, don't they?

Will Graham's Incarcerated Eyes
Hannibal's Psychopathic Eyes
Alana Bloom's Concerned Eyes
Jack Crawford's Intense Eyes
Freddie Lounds' Shifty-Ass Eyes
Abigail Hobbs' Doomed Eyes
Bedelia Du Maurier's Suspicious Eyes
Dr. Abel Gideon's Ripper Eyes
Garret Jacob Hobbs' Dead Eyes
...and last (but certainly not least), Winston's Loving Eyes!

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