June 20, 2013

THC's Video Pick of the Week!

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There will most likely never be another time when our pick of the week is a DVD; since Blu-ray exists, there's just no good reason for us to buy anything on DVD anymore. There are rare exceptions to this rule involving movies or TV shows that aren't and most likely won't ever be on BD, and this week's pick is one of those rarest of animals.

1979's The Tourist Trap is one of the creepiest flicks we've ever seen, and for just $9.99, it's a must own. *Since we're really handy, you can click the box art above and order it from Amazon via our link. You're welcome.

You could definitely argue that the movie feels dated, has some cheesy moments amidst the creepy ones, and doesn't make a whole lot of sense... in other words, it's a fairly typical 1970's B-grade Horror flick. Not to worry though, as Horror fans you know that's not a bad thing at all (in most cases.)

If however you have a healthy fear or disdain for mannequins, dolls, puppets, or Chuck Connors, then this movie will likely make you curl up into a little ball and cry. It's effective as hell, and it seems to be largely undiscovered by the more casual Horror fans amongst us, which is truly a shame.

As much as we loved getting our hands on Shout Factory's collector's editions of The Howling and Lifeforce, The Tourist Trap is our sentimental fave of the week. Take a gander at our review below, and get your hands on this flick soon thereafter. Do it. You won't be sorry.


  1. Tourist Trap is such a creepy old school film. This got me wanting to watch it again. I've only seen it once before, but I loved it.

  2. I really can't recommend this one enough, Grimm. Truly an old school classic!