June 5, 2013

Scream Factory reveals the cover art & release date for their Prince of Darkness Blu-ray!

Every Horror fan has their own wish list of beloved genre movies that are M.I.A., and that they want to see released on Blu-ray or DVD. For me personally, my dream wish list consists of a bunch of flicks, but none more wanted than Salem's Lot (obviously), Suspiria, It, and Prince of Darkness.

POD may just be my favorite John Carpenter flick; it's definitely not his best cinematic offering, but there's just something about it that works for me on every level. It's just plain fantastic then that the infinitely awesome Scream Factory has seen fit to grant one of my greatest Horror Blu-ray wishes by giving us a Collector's Edition of Carpenter's oft maligned Prince of Darkness, on September 24th.

Scream Factory is essentially the Horror division of the not-so-bad-themselves Shout! Factory, that specializes in taking Horror classics from the 70's & 80's (mainly), and giving them proper, feature-filled Blu-ray releases. They truly do have an impressive catalog of titles so far, and they're barely a year into their young lives as a company.

If you aren't yet familiar with Scream Factory, you need to get some act-right juice and get with it. You're really missing out.

September can not get here fast enough. At least we have some other truly inspired releases from Scream Factory to tide us over until then though, right? Who am I kidding, this wait is still going to suck.

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