June 26, 2013

THC's Video Pick of the Week!

Universal has re-released some of their coolest genre catalog titles in pretty new Steelbook editions, and with some of the coolest looking cover art that we’ve seen ever seen on any Blu/DVD release.

All of them come with a Blu-ray copy, a DVD copy, and and Ultraviolet copy of the films in their pretty Steelbook packaging, so if you're a fan of these flicks and don't own them on Blu-ray yet, now is the time to grab them.

Out of this group, we 've already picked up Scarface, and it's an awesome set. We wouldn't mind owning most of these new Steelbooks, save for maybe Van Helsing, Scott Pilgrim and The Mummy. The Hulk's and the Riddick flicks, we're probably going to have to buy. And Doom. Probably Serenity and Shaun of the Dead too. Why do the tempt us like this!

Whichever ones you like, grab them now, because this new packaging is Limited Edition, and its definitely worth the $12 or $13 you'll pay for them.

Give the pics below a click and grab them quick!

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