September 11, 2011

Some ghosts will haunt us forever...

No matter your views, beliefs, affiliations or religion, 10 years ago the canvas of the world was forever changed with the spilling innocent blood. To the families who lost their hearts, to the heroes that selflessly gave their lives to save others, and to the men and women of all nationalities that were murdered without provocation, we honor you and will not forget your sacrifice. You will always be remembered.


  1. As a soldier I really love to see all of the rememberance today. Thank you for that. I was stuck in a hotel room so I wrote up a horror post. Check it out if you have time.

  2. We have soldiers amongst us here at THC, active and retired, so we always represent when it comes to things like this.

    Don't expect us to salute though. We're insubordinate :)

    Stay frosty MDC.