September 4, 2011

Horror Hotties: Katrina Bowden

We first noticed Katrina Bowden when she played the evil hot slut in Sex Drive, which was a pretty awesome and underrated comedy. It was sad to find though that she used a body double for her topless scene, because I firmly believe that prudish women are lame. Young+Hot= show it while you can, ladies. Having dignity is NOT sexy when it comes to nude scenes!

For some reason, she looks like she's 80ft. tall in that picture.
At that point we were thinking that maybe getting herself into a Horror flick or two will loosen her morals a bit, and she might just drop trou and make the world happy. So when she turned up in a little Horror flick called The Shortcut, we got excited!

Our excitement was short-lived however, when we realized that not only were we watching a crappy movie, but that there was not going to be any gratuitous nudity whatsoever. Still, seeing Katrina again was pleasant enough, so we just shrugged it off.

Not long after that we discovered a little gem of a movie called Tucker & Dale vs Evil; not only was the movie great, but Katrina got ever closer to showing us some cheesecake...

... but she still didn't.
It's hard to imagine us hating any movie that has the hot-as-sin Katrina Bowden uttering the phrase "Cum inside me. Cum inside me, I'll do whatever you say after that!" while laying naked on a bed and rubbing herself. However, Piranha 3DD was so bad and devoid of anything relatively good, that not even our love of dirty whores made it better. That's saying a whole hell of a lot.

"Josh cut off his penis because something came out of my vagina!" Actual line. This shit happened.
Since the shit-fest that was Piranha 3DD, Katrina Bowden has gone on to star in low budget Horror fare like Hold Your Breath, Scary Movie 5, and the yet to be released Nurse 3D.  All of that is well and good, but she deserves better roles than that. Did no one see her in Tucker & Dale? Because she was pretty good in that, acting wise. She looked hot too, so double bonus.

There's one little piece of info that we came across which we'd be remiss not to share; they're cloning Katina Bowden. Someone snapped this picture, presumably on some beach down in Argentina, which is either proof of her being cloned, or that she is in fact triplets. We're fine with either one.

Triplet lesbian Horror porn, Katrina... make it happen.
It's nice for our creepy little genre to have itself a new sex kitten. Katrina Bowden shows a lot of promise, and we hope to see some great things from her in the near future. Naked or not, it looks like Ms. Bowden is a Horror Hottie whom is here to stay.

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  1. Why do we never get to see the tits ? Is this some American thing?