March 9, 2010

Solo Review: [REC] 2 (2010)

This review may contain spoilers for [REC] as well as [REC] 2, so if you haven't seen the first one, proceed with caution...
Sub-Genre- Infected Demons/Survival  
Cast Members of Note- Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terazza, Pavlo Rosso, and Javier Botet. Directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza.

[REC] 2 picks up right where [REC] left off, with a small group of Special-Unit Police entering the sealed-off apartment building to see what the deal is with the viral outbreak. And what is the deal? Everyone from the first movie is either dead or turned into infected Demons, Tristana Medeiros is still running around hiding in the dark, and I'm still crapping my pants watching it all.

Creepy, creepy, creepy.
This time, The Vatican has sent one of its holy soldiers to investigate the goings on, and to collect a vial of Mederios blood in hopes of creating a cure for the Demonic Virus. That's right, they have to search through the entire, dark, Demon-filled building and find the creepiest Demon of them all, corner her, and take a blood sample. You see where this one is going, don't you?

Go ahead, tell him no.
As you might expect, things don't go easy at all for our heavily-armed Police Squad, and just when all hope seems lost... Angela shows up, alive! Yes, she survived the first one (which they explain, and yes, it all makes sense), and now she's back with a shotgun and a will of steel, and she wants revenge! I love tough chicks.

Bad girl with a gun!
Will Angela help the Padre to get his Demonic blood sample? Will a gang of creepy Demon Kids wreak havoc and kill everyone in the building? Will Tristana Medeiros find a way to escape the apartment building and plague the earth with her Demonic virus? I don't know actually, I was hiding under the bed when it ended... Don't judge me.

[REC] 2 was better than the first one, and I loved me some [REC]. The sequel takes us deeper into the story, explains a ton, and proves my theory about the first one right... it was Demonic Possession! take that, Chatroom people that called me crazy! Ha!

The creepy kids and the scenes where the Priest talked to them, the crawlspace, and the whole infrared thing were just great. The whole movie had me creeped out and on the edge of my seat, and that is quite a feat for any Horror flick to pull off these days.

The stuff of nightmares.
God were those teenagers annoying or what? I get that kids do "crazy" and dumb things because they don't know any better, but once a S.W.A.T team and guns are involved, it's time to stop acting like a moron, and go home. You don't sneak into a quarantined apartment building that's under armed guard, just because it sounds like fun, and if you do, you deserve everything that happens to you. Retards.

El Retardo.
I am not getting up in that crawlspace. I don't care what's up there, what orders I'm under, or if you put a gun to my head and tell me to "get up there or die"... not happening. Do you know what's up there? Neither do I, and that's exactly why I AM NOT GOING UP THERE!

Then again, staying down here doesn't sound all that great either...
This one is bloody and violent enough to satisfy your cravings, I promise. Especially if you like shotgun violence and things like the random puking of blood. Good stuff.

Angela is looking rough in this one.
Ugh... no! Manuela Velasco needs to be naked! Damn these high-brow Horror movies that think they can focus on plot and atmosphere, and not show us any boobs or butts! How dare they!

Never trust a Priest. Also, leave the damned lights on at all times!

Good girl. You call for help.
We don't often hand out the A+ grade here at THC, because to most people that grade implies perfection, but I can't see giving [REC] 2 anything less. This is exactly how a sequel should be; better than the first one. Plain and simple, if you liked [REC], I can't see how you won't like this one even more. It's creepy, bloody, and executed almost flawlessly. We get answers, new questions, and a pretty good twist... See it, and see it now.


[REC] 2 is available now on DVD and VOD.

Donde esta Fuego gracias hot! I don't even know what I just said, but you get the point.


  1. I don't know that I liked this one _more_, but I certainly liked it as much as the first one. Some of the problems I had with the first one returned here, and were more glaring for seeing them repeated, but overall I agree with you on the almost flawless execution. The return of the almost flawless Manuela didn't hurt, either :D

  2. There's some chicks I'd like to just bang, some I'd like to get fuck'd up drunk with - and then bang! And then there's the rare chick for whom I would eat her ass.

    That latina, you mention? Mmm-mmm-mm... tasty butt.

  3. I just got done watching this... and man was it awesome. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.

    I wouldn't say it was BETTER than the first one... it kinda plays more like a release for all the tension the first one built. Sort of like the Aliens to the first Alien I reckon.

    The story was very creepy... and the action was kick ass. I Love this movie to little bloody bits.

  4. A little off memoriam Corey Haim. Star of such genre classics as The Lost Boys--and not so classic Silver Bullet, which isn't that bad.

  5. Didn't really like this one that much, it's missing the slow build-up of the first one, too much action...

    but Manuela Velasco, mmmmmmm she's something else, especially when she's all evil hehe

  6. Khaos- I don't think that this one needed a slow buildup like the first as it basically continues on from the end of that one...

    Mob Legend- Good point... stay tuned...

    And L.Cass, the zombie expert- I like the Aliens to Alien measurement, both are excellent, and really can't be said to be "better" than the other, though I liked Rec 2 better.

  7. LOL hardly the 'zombie expert'...

    I think REC 2 would have been a little slim if it wasn't for the groundwork laid down in REC 1.

    But yeah... I prefer REC2 to REC1 as well.

    ...and I like Alien better than Aliens :P

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  9. just watched. I think it had the intensity of the first one but not much in the way of surprises leading up cos we knew what to expect. But like L.Cass says it's the Aliens to the original and letting a finger loose on a trigger fills you with some kind of hope. Machine guns blaring out your speaker system against demonic possession is long overdue and thankfully it's in the right film here.

    And we got to see more of the skinny possessed bird, although no hotness there. I really was not looking forward to them crawling into that duct full of kids and thankfully they didn't. Maybe they should have, just to freak us all out even more.

    Annoying kids indeed and i wasn't expecting what happened to the fireman.

    I enjoyed lots.

    (never said that before btw... just for THC)

  10. To me the Aliens franchise never happened. The series ended after Aliens.

  11. M'Hael made an excellent point in his review--this is the ULTIMATE sequel in terms of picking it up almost exactly where the first one left off. When the SWAT team arrives they climb riiiiiight up the stairs to the top of the building, where we lost our heroine.
    For a moment I was a bit skeptical about the demonic bent and the trajectory of the film in those first 20 minutes, but once the crawly-kids showed up and delivered one of the most exciting and horrific scenes in horror history, I was willing to watch anything the filmmakers were willing to show me.
    Thanks for the great review from THC and all the THC fans--I took my Horror Club medicine and am again cured of my desire for good horror!

  12. I watched this movie at home with my GF first, then I took it over to a friends house, and I was literally squirming through the scenes with those damn teenagers.

    I hated them!

    Especially that kid that get's slapped by the fireman.

    Although the bit with the rocket in the eye socket was pretty sweet.

  13. to the site and it's pretty damn awesome! I just went out and purchased both REC and REC2 because they were the only movies from the site (with good reviews) that I could find at the local store! Looking forward to watching them and they better be good;-)

  14. Thanks for the love,Lady.

    Rec 1 & 2 are good,we promise. You could always rent though, just in case we're wrong :)

    We aren't wrong though.