July 13, 2008

Solo Review: Fritt Vilt (2008)

Sub-Genre- Slasher/Norwegian Horror... that's a new one by me!
Cast Members of Note- None, unless you're from Norway.

The kids from Dawson's Creek are all grown up, and they're heading on vacation! They woke up one morning to find that they had all turned Norwegian, and fearing reprisal (?!?), they packed up their shit and headed for the homeland to enjoy its scenic mountain vistas.

"Pacey, you're a douchebag."
When one of them stubs a toe walking in the snow, they decide to hole up in some creepy-ass abandoned hotel; little do they know, someone still lives there... someone who hates all Norwegians... someone who likes to kill... someone who will Bork them all...

Bork, bork, bork!!!!!!!!
I won't ruin the ending here, but let's just say it does end at some point... but when?

It ends when she says it does, that's when!
Apart from the breathtaking countryside and setting, there isn't much here that Horror fans haven't seen before. Two things save this movie though; It's beautifully shot/directed, and the actors do a great job of actually making me like their characters. It never loses its classy feel, even when it's treading through more-than-familiar slasher flick territory.

I do love Horror flicks set in a snowy backdrop; they usually tend to be quiet, and for some reason fill me with a bleak and creeping dread. Alone, trapped on a mountain, blizzard bearing down on you, creepy guy with a pick-axe wants you dead... good stuff. All in all, Fritt Vilt is a fun and visually pleasing watch, if not exactly original.

He does not look helpful.
"Hey, let's find and abandoned old hotel and spend the night, happen across a journal that details some creepy shit that happened there, then separate for the night. We'll be safe. Also, when we know there's a killer after us, we should still talk in normal or raised voices, and slam doors often." Ugh.

Stop screaming!
I'm beginning to think that there is no safe place in Europe to visit without something gruesome happening to you. Not even Norway is safe now!

Run bitch! Run to Sweden!
Very light on the red stuff. The kills were not as brutal as they could have been, which was a disappointment. Quick-cuts and off camera deaths were used far too much...

Nope, apparently the Nords are prudish.

Nice butt though.
Norwegians sometime use English words mixed in with their own... and speak them perfectly. Neat.

This looks like a Mentos commercial about to go very wrong.
Fritt Vilt is a fairly effective effort, but it's nothing very original. I give the Nords credit for making a cool slasher flick though, and since it's their first (I think), it's definitely worth checking out.


Fritt Vilt is available now on DVD and VOD.


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