July 17, 2008

DVD Review: April Fool's Day (1986)

In Attendance- Me, Eryn, The Vanilla Gorilla, and Nick.
Cast Members of Note- Deborah Foreman, who was on fire in the 80's, Amy Steel, and the hot as hell Deborah Goodrich, who disappeared off of the face of the earth. Also, Biff from Back to the Future!

A rich and insane chick lures her "friends" to her private millionaire island to kill them all. Why would anyone ever have a friend named Muffy to begin with, let alone trust her? I don't know. I've found that people with dumb names usually tend to be up to no good.

She is definitely up to no good.
April Fool's Day is a pretty cool flick with a neat twist to it, which was both it's high point and downfall. The plot was very inventive and creepy at times, but in the end, it's own cleverness took away from what this film could have been had the ending not pulled the old "It was just a dream" type of trick on you. It worked well enough, but it could have been so much more.

She made it all tolerable though.
I would have liked to have seen the stuff that didn't make the movie from the novel, which would have served to explain the subplots a little better, and given us the extended ending... which would have given us some more blood!

Kill, Muffy, kill!
Who would ever kill Biff from Back to the Future?

Eye guess he's screwed! Get it? Eye... Never mind.
The gore quotient in this one is that of a PG-13 movie... if they had gotten nasty and actually shown the deaths, which given the movie's plot, I guess they really couldn't, it would have been a better movie overall.

Next to nothing. A few swimsuits and open robes are all we get. Blah.

No boobs, but everything else about her is perfecto.
Never trust your friends, because they all want to destroy you.

An above average 80's teen slasher, the premise of April Fool's Day held it back in the end, and took away a lot of the zing it could have had. Still a good one to watch though.


April Fool's Day is available now on DVD and VOD.

Deborah Foreman and Deborah Goodrich were two of the cutest QT's of the 80's.


  1. This is one of my favorites from back in the 80's. I always thought the plot and the twist to be very cool and well-thought. As for the gore, I've never needed any to give me the creeps. Have you ever read the original Agatha Christie novel this was based on?

  2. yep, I read it for school actually if I remember right... I like this movie too, I could just see it being too "Slow" for today's horror audiences though.