July 12, 2008

Horror Hotties: The Girls of Prom Night (2008)

Alright, so the remake of Prom Night pretty much sucked, big surprise, right? For the most part, it was devoid of any genuine scares, tension, or (on-screen) bloodletting, although there were plenty of cheap jump scares to be had, if that's your thing.

It did have two things going for it though: First off, the acting was actually pretty decent throughout, especially where Brittany Snow is concerned; she shines as always, and I didn't hate any of the other characters, which surprised me. Secondly, and most important of all, Prom Night has some pretty Hot Chicks in it.

I would like to take Brittany Snow to the prom... the Sex Prom. I mean, who doesn't want to go to the Sex Prom? There's unicorns, cotton candy, midgets spinning plates on sticks, Karate Boxers doing shirtless push-ups, plenty of cocaine, random and deviant sexual acts... Ok, so maybe "Sex Prom" is really just my code word for orgy.

Either way, Brittany Snow can get it.

Jessica Stroup is another one that needs some tough love... and by tough love I mean she needs a good "Donkey Punch" or a "Massachusetts Crab Pot." Either one you decide to go with makes for a crazy night of fun and potential legal troubles.

Finally, we have Brianne Davis,  and what a sweet thing she is. Her I'd just like to cuddle with. By cuddle, I mean lick. After that, we could lay around and talk. By talk, I mean... oh, you get my damn point!

The Girls of Prom Night just can't catch a break.
Overall, Prom Night (2008) wasn't all that great, but it did give us some really awesome Horror Hotties to admire, and fantasize about. Today, Hollywood sucks a little bit less.


  1. You left off the HOTTES chick in the movie I don't know her real name but her name was Lisa in the in the movie she was the one that won Prom Queen and she looked better than everyone of the other girls IMO!!!

  2. You are correct. I left her off mainly because I don't think that she's hot, but I can totally see how others do.