March 1, 2011

Boris's oil -based Rubber

When it comes to crazy awesome art, it doesn't get much better than Boris Vallejo. His paintings are instantly recognizable to any fantasy or comic book geek worth their salt, especially those into erotic fantasy art. Now, that may sound dirty, but really, it's ridiculously tasteful while being "sexy", so don't discount it. It's crazy good. Brilliant even. Now Boris has gone and done a painting for the upcoming telekinetic-tire revenge flick, Rubber. We are officially geeking out over this new poster. If you arent familiar with Boris's work, you need to get right and go google him, to see what the man does. Now.


  1. Uggghh I absolutely -have- to see this. Thanks for getting me all amped up!

  2. This will be showing on HDNET movies on Wed. Mar. 3oth at 8:00 PM. Also, Black Death will be showing on Wed. Mar. 9th. Anytime there is a free viewing I thought it would be good for people to know.

  3. Any info like that is always welcome here Heelfan, thanks for posting.