August 23, 2010

Frightfest Review: Pig Hunt (2010)
A guy takes his city friends on a hunting trip to the backwoods farm where he grew up, only to find that they are the one being hunted! Clever, huh?

There's also something about a Hillbilly Gang that grows weed, an odd black dude that has a harem of naked whores running around the woods, and also a freakishly large pig that eats people...

Scrolling through the user reviews on IMDB, one would think that this is a masterpiece of low budget Horror... until you realize that most people that comment about flicks like this on IMDB are shills, and they like to lie. This movie sucked. Plain and simple.

But it had nudity. Lots of nudity.
As if the premise about a killer pig isn't lame enough, the fact that they didn't even show the titular beast until there were only about 10 minutes left in the movie, was a serious slap in the face. At least when they did finally show it, there was no CGI to be found, the filmmakers instead opting to use old-school methods to bring the massive sow to life. That was pretty cool.

I can imagine that some people will like this movie, claiming it to be a bloody, funny, Grindhouse-like piece of schlocky gold, but I'm not buying it. The story is not only hollow and MORE THAN FAMILIAR, but it starts out as a Backwoods Monster thing, switches gear to an Angry Hillbilly thing, segues into becoming a Russ Meyer whore-fest cult movie, and then with 8 minutes left, the movie is about a killer pig again.

Oh boy.
I will give this movie 2 things:
  • Les Claypool of Primus did the film's music, and he's all kinds of cool.
  • There's a pretty awesome scene with about 10 naked sluts towards the end, rubbing and kissing each other. That was neat too.

Other than that though, it's all been done many, many times before, and far, far better.

Oh, just make out already!
Another clunker. I have to wonder why Fangoria selected some of these films for their signature DVD line.


Tina Huang and Marissa Ingrasci are in this.


  1. I feel like I need to see this movie to experience how bad it is...

  2. Man...and to think that I was expecting a masterpiece!

  3. Man...and to think that I was expecting a masterpiece!

    Hogwash! :)

  4. Seriously if you want to see a Killer Pig movie done well (Well at least a well as any movie can be done about a Killer Pig) see the Australian film 'Razorback'. Its not great, but it is a guilty pleasure..

  5. I remember Rzorback from waaaaay back in the day. Good flick. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

  6. I think maybe you guys were missing the point a bit. And, IMO, this was not a horror movie. The name 'Pig Hunt' is decieving becuase it makes it seem like there will be a monster pig attacking hunters. Nothing could be further than the truth, and when I watched this movie, I didn't know what to expect. The title of the movie simply refers to why they were in the woods to begin with.
    All that being said, I fucking loved this movie, and to me is an instant cult classic.
    This movie should have been billed more along the lines of 'The further adventures of Tennessee Buck', an 80's movie that is also a cult classic. And if you have seen 'Buck', you would instantly agree with me.
    It was, to me, more like a campy, action, adventure, black comedy, and NOT horror at all.
    Do you agree with me, yes or no....