November 23, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of November 23rd

Amidst the rabid throng of bargain-happy American shoppers, the Theater may just be the safest place for us this Black Friday weekend. Actually, home is probably the safest place, but we can't see brand new movies on the silver screen at home, so...

Aside from the Limited Release of Saint Dracula 3D (WTH is that?!?) , horror fans are forced to seek the creative solace of other genres for their Theatrical movie fixes this week.

Rise of the Guardians looks like some cool family fun, and it doesn't look like it would be insulting for adults to sit through. We'll most likely catcht his one.

Filmed less than a mile away from our home in scenic Mt. Clemens, Michigan, Red Dawn is a remake we're not sure about. We'll see it because it's going to be fun to see our neighborhood on the big screen, but aside from that, we're not really all that excited about this one.

Life of Pi... it's a Fantasy flick, so we figured why not include it on this weeks list. It's been getting killer reviews, and although it's more of an Artistic Drama if anything, it may be worth a look.

Finally, in Limited Release we have Hitchcock; The brilliant Sir Anthony Hopkins playing one of the Horror Genre's founding fathers can not be a bad thing. We'll definitely see this if we get time.

Our Theatrical Release Date List has also been updated for December all the way through January! There's even a little sneak peek at the months following, so check it out.


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