April 23, 2008

Review #2: 30 Days of Night (2007)

Sub-Genre- Vampires
In Attendance- Me, Eryn, and The Vanilla Gorilla (Nicknames are used to protect the innocent, bear with us folks.)

As the town of Barrow, Alaska, prepares for it's annual 30 days without sunlight, a group of Yiddish Vampires descend upon the town and proceed to make it's residents their bitches.

It's up to the town Sheriff (Josh Hartnett) to keep everyone alive, and he does a pretty crap job of it, mainly because the blood suckers are fast, strong, and really not pleasant at all. They also seem to be hungrier than Rosie O'Donnell at a lesbian brunch mixer. It doesn't help that the chick who recently dumped him tags along the whole time either, because she won't let him use his karate skills to help them survive. Women!

Shoot her first, then the vampires.
So basically they spend the bulk of the 30 days hiding, which really exposes them for the cowards they are. I mean , can't a bunch of chicks, a teenage kid, a 90-year-old man, and a burly truck driver, kill 20 or so immortal vampires? Come on!

In the end, only the Sheriff can save them, but does he?

Nope. They're going to hide right there for 29 days, until morning comes.
30 Days of Night is a fun, bloody, and aggressively violent vampire movie, and I really don't see how it won't please most fans of the genre. The atmosphere is right, and the cinematography is clean and crisp... We really loved this one.

Josh Hartnett makes for a great hero, and Mmmelissa George makes for one hot piece of ass. The two of them together? Cinematic gold! The cast is rounded out by some fantastic character actors like Danny Huston (the head vampire, Marlow), Ben Foster (the stranger), and a pre-Sons of Anarchy Mark Boone Junior.

Damn all the critics and their shitty opinions; this is one lean and mean vampire flick. 

One of the creepiest movie kids ever.
I can see how some people may take issue with the vampires in this one differing a bit from the traditional vampire mold, but it's not a huge issue. Vampires don't always have to be exactly the same; they can be governed by different rules and still be effective.

The end was a bit of a "Huh?" moment as well.

We thought they were pretty cool.
I didn't know that vampires spoke Yiddish.

"No God."
The blood flows freely in this one, and there are a liberal amount of gory scenes throughout. 30 Days of Night definitely earns its R-Rating.

We almost got to see a threesome in this one, but I guess that it's just too cold in Alaska to get naked.

Those lips...
Vampires always ruin threesomes. Also, they don't believe in God. Sinners!

I'm not going to call them sinners though. Not to their faces.
30 Days of Night is a solid entry to the vampire sub-genre, and it's one of the better vampire flicks we've seen in a while. It's a definite own for us, and should be for most Horror fans as well.


30 Days of Night is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.


Mmmelissa George gives us 30 days of boners.


  1. I thought 28 Days Later was an absolutely good horror movie, but I tend to favor the sequel, 28 Weeks Later because it had more action. I also felt that 28 Weeks Later didn't receive the credit it deserved just because Cillian Murphy wasn't in it. Now I must admitt that I was a little ticked to learn that he wasn't in it at first, but all was forgiven when I watched the movie. 30 Days of Night I hated. It was a waste of my precious time (Snore!). I would rather watch Cross Roads (EWWW!)then to ever watch that movie again. It was a build up to absolutely nothing.

  2. I Was The Opposite. We Tried To Give Away Our DVD Of Days Later For A Dollar But No One Would Even Buy It. Hated It. 30 Was Fugin Decent Especially Considering The Vampires You Get Next Sparkle In Twilight. This Is How Vampires Should Have Always Been. Vampires Done Right With Likable Characters. Win