Our Top 30 (or so) TBA Films of 2018!

There always seems to be an endless amount of new Horror & Genre movies on the horizon that for one reason or another, take forever to see the light of day; they get delayed, shifted around, moved back and forth, or just flat-out shelved. Whatever the cause of their delay, they are all labeled as "Coming Soon."

As lovers of all things Horror, we're dying to see the new movies that we're teased with, and we know that they're coming "soon," but without an actual distribution plan in place, all we can do is sit and wait. And hope.

The movies below are the ones that we're most curious about that don't have actual Release Dates in place. Some of them, we've been waiting for what seems like forever; while others, we barely know anything about. All of them have promise though, and we'll be in line when they finally do see proper release.

For now, they are nothing more than movies living in To Be Announced limbo. 

Our TBA criteria:
  • Festival showings do not count as Release Dates.
  • "The Fall" or "2nd Quarter of 2018" are not Release Dates either. They're guesstimates.
  • Until a movie is released in the U.S., it’s still TBA to us. Because that’s where we live.
  • If a a movie that is scheduled or rumored to be released in 2018 doesn't have a poster, we're not including them on our list. Know why? Because release a simple little placeholder poster until your "good ones" are ready, movie people! That’s why.

200 HoursAssassinationBadCargoCrescentDarkDoubleDownrangeFightGameHesHereticsHostileHouseHushItsyLaidMaliciousMandyNightOfficePicnicRevengeRondoRuinSixSuspiriaTigersToyYousummer-of-841