June 4, 2016

Trailer: The Wailing (2016)

"A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is forced to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter."

Memories of Murder, The Chaser, I Saw The Devil, The Children, Oldboy, A Bittersweet Life, The Yellow Sea, The Man From Nowhere... when it comes to Thrillers, be they Horror or Crime, S.Korea delivers like few others.

With The Wailing, the director of two of those excellent movies above (The Chaser and The Yellow Sea) looks to have made his best film yet with The Wailing. All of the reviews for this one are crazy positive, and that trailer looks fantastic.

The fact that this movie isn't playing anywhere near us sucks big time. Gah, limited release movies!

The Wailing is out in limited release now. See it if you can.

1 comment :

  1. Looks impressive (and 20th century Fox), thus higher production quality (as well as budget).