February 23, 2010

The DVD Club- February Week 4

The last Tuesday of the month is finally here, and it brings with it a few fun gifts on DVD! It also brings with it a few sucky gifts, but I guess that's the yin and yang of the horror world; it can't ever be completely awesome. This is the must buy DVD of the week, as I'm dying to see how gorgeous it looks on Blu-ray. Dead Snow (aka Dod Sno if you're a Nord) is a fun, badass little zombie flick with a twist, and we here at THC can't recommend it highly enough. If you're a zombie lover, I can't imagine you not needing this one in your colelction. Even if you're not, check it out anyway and have some fun. With the remake opening in theaters this Friday, you had to expect the original to find it's way to DVD in special edition form. One of George A. Romero's earliest flicks, The Crazies is a cult classic worshiped by many, and I for one am excited to see the remake as I have to imagine that it will improve on the original. This will be a must buy for many, though I'd rent it and have a fun time knowing I didn't pay $20 for it. Check it out. How in the world can you not want to watch a movie with the words "Night of the Chicken Dead" in its title? Have you no soul? Listen to what I'm saying here... ZOMBIE CHICKENS! Say that out loud. Now how can that not make you chuckle to yourself? Yes, it sounds crazy and even cheesy bad, but I have to grab Poultrygeist on Blu-ray and experience it for myself. The review, for better or worse, will be coming soon. "The chicken... the chicken has declared jihad on us all!" LOL!!! The middle of the video road this week is blocked by two movies that were decent, but should have been way better. The Box is misleading from the get go, as the title had me believing that the movie was about Cameron Diaz's vagina, which I was dying to see. Instead, we get a Donnie Darko-like (same director) thriller/drama which was great on a lot of different levels, but never "took it" to the places that I would have liked to have seen it go. A good watch, it just may piss some people off who were expecting something more or different, so be careful. How can a movie starring John C. Reilly as a vampire be no more than just okay? The guy is a comic genius and I was waiting for The Vampire's Assistant (formerly titled Cirque Du Freak) to blow me away, and it never did. Another decent watch, it may be too quirky and kid friendly for most, so rent with caution. And so we've come to the bottom of the video barrel for this week. Open Graves is one of those movies that just underwhelms as do most Syfy Channel flicks, and not even Elisha Dushku's rack was enough to make me like it. It's harmless enough, but it's also boring and not very captivating. You could do worse, I'm just saying that if you feel compelled to see it, rent, don't buy. As for Sorority Row, I say Sorority No! Heh. I'm clever, right? Seriously though, It's glossy, filled with hot chicks, brags a ton of production value which makes it nice to look at... and it's less fun to watch than someone drowning a kitten. Hell, a sack of kittens. This movie has been done better hundreds of times by hundreds of better slasher flicks: you know the movies that are actualy tense and scary, have characters that we don't wish dead (were supposed to root for the final girl, right?), show the kills on camera, Don't have lame cloaked killers using a tire iron as their main weapon, don' t have sorry-assed twist endings that inspire eye rolling, and don't star Audrina Patridge? Skip this one, unless you're a masochist. Now get your ass to the store and enjoy some quality horror DVD's, and support the genre we all love so rabidly.


  1. I actually thought The Vampire's Assistant had spunk and I totally agree with you that it had imense potential, vastly wasted. I mean Willem Dafoe as a vampire general? All that Night Watch feel and the whole underlying mythos that could have been expanded into a new (better) Harry Potter? But no, they turned it into the pilot episode of a franchise that will (now) never catch on. :(

  2. I'd buy the Poultrygeist Blu Ray just to see Kate Graham in HD nudity.

  3. I actually want to see Audrina Partridge in more stuff. She would have been great in Pearblossom -- and by 'great' I mean, lousy, but replete with eye-candy :P