November 19, 2009

10 Posters...

...for 10 Questionable movies. Some we've seen, some were scared to even watch. These are the movies you see on the shelf at Blockbuster and say "This looks pretty good." HA! They usually aren't good at all!
Vacancy Part 3, with less of a budget and an unknown cast. Sounds good to me.
Ok, this one we need to see. This seriously makes me laugh out loud.
Jason Connery directed The Devil's Tomb, which was pretty decent, but this one scares me... How many viralgeddon movies do we need?
Not if I don't rent it. HA!
The only way out is death.. are there no roads, or do they mean you will want to kill yourself once you've watched this little gem? I vote #2.
More like "Shit is Rising."
The MTV logo should tell you everything you need to know here.
Welcome to Barricade... so Barricade is a place? Like Barricade, MI or something? Ugh.
Clever Ebonic title. (I just face-palmed myself.)


  1. Hurray for Pandemic movies! We need at least as many as slasher films. Actually, I think we need a lot more, but that's just me. I would like them to be named slightly different so that you can find them on imdb without searching through 4 movies with the same name from the last 2 years.

    Unfortunately for me, I have seen the Pandemic movie for which you have the poster. I remember thinking "Take this, Horror club, you haven't reviewed this one!". Two hours later I was already regretting my achievement.

  2. Thankskilling = amazing. I know that I'm going to see that.

    The 13th Alley, yes LOL is all you can say.

    Great post!

  3. The poster for 'Beneath Still Waters' is about the only one that piques my interest :P

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