September 29, 2009

The DVD Club for Tuesday, 9/29

Tuesday's always make us giddy. Why? Because there is nothing better than finally being able to get your mits on a DVD that kicks ass, that's why. On the flip side of that coin though, nothing sucks worse than grabbing a DVD and have it end up sucking. Taste and preference aside, we're here to help you avoid the crappy ones, so that you can revel in the dark glory that is good horror. So let's take a look at what you should be buying or renting this week... First off, the good ones. Two good slasher flicks, one old and one new, both entertaining. The Hills Run Red is a fun little flick with an awesomely creepy killer, and The Stepfather II is another disturbing slice of Terry O'Quinn's serial killer goodness. Buy them. Next, the question marks. I haven't seen either of these movies, but they make me curious. The poster for Flesh, TX screams "rent me!", but then again it has Joe Estevez in it... and The Hanging Woman could be some good old school horror, but who can tell. I'll rent these, because If I buy them and they suck, I may rant about it, and no one wants to hear me rant. Rent 'em. Finally, the classic. Henry is a genre classic, a staple even, and if you like it gritty and disturbing, you need to own this one. This movie is nasty, nasty "I need a shower" goodness that will have you looking over your shoulder in empty parking lots at night. Buy it. Feel free to avoid The Shortcut, as it sucked. You've been warned. I'd also avoid The Blade Collection and buy the special editions separately, because the DVD's in the collection are bare bones. That's it for this week's notables on DVD. Support the genre and go buy or rent these flicks. WE are the lifeblood that keeps the horror heartbeat pulsing, and don't ever forget it! Just go enjoy some good movies, would ya?

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  1. The poster for "Flesh TX" looks exactly the same as the poster for "Rest Stop".

    - Zac