June 29, 2009

June 2009 Wrap-Up

June was a pretty decent month. True Blood is back and firing on all cylinders), we got some pretty cool flicks at the box office, even though they are limited releases, and even DVD gave us a decent handful of goods. At the Box-Office we got... Dead Snow- Awesome Nazi-zombie flick, this is one of our faves of the year so far. -Moon has been getting all sorts of praise, and looks great. -Limited runs of Surveillance and Blood: The Last Vampire; the first one we saw and liked, the second one we'd like to see, but we're not sure if we'll like it or not. -True Blood returned with its second season! On DVD we got... Own it- Gozu, Friday the 13th (2009), Sauna, F13th 4-6. Rent it- Elsewhere, Backwoods. Skip it- Razortooth, Anaconda 4, Trail of Blood, Silent Venom, Ghosts of Goldfield, Born, Terror at Bloodfart Lake, The Cell 2, The Tribe. The ones we haven't seen yet- Retardead, Second Coming, The Seventh Seal, Platoon of the Dead, Killing Ariel. June was ok, but July looks even better on the theatrical front; Orphan could be interesting, and we're dying to see Chan-wook Park's Thirst. DVD is bringing us some summer heat too, with movies such as Acolytes, [Rec], and Near Dark. Sweaty and bloody, July looks like it's ready to soak us either way! *Make sure to check our Release Date List to stay up to date on what's coming out and when.

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  1. I've seen [Rec], and if you saw Quarantine it's the exact same film, only in Spanish. I thought the original would be much more intense or dark or better, just because it was not a Hollywood remake, but in this case... I saw no real difference.