May 29, 2009

2 things for today...

Get your butts to the theater and see Drag Me To Hell, it comes out today and from what I hear is a good, old fashioned hell of a horror film. I won't get to see it yet, as my theater going partner is in the hospital trying to survive, so live vicariously for me! Also, Pontypool is out in limited release, and thanks to the IFC, it's also available on cable on IFC On-Demand too ( I checked last night, it's there and only costs $6.99.) It looks bad ass, and has gotten great word of mouth from those that have seen it thus far. I'll be renting that tonight fo sho. Today is a great release day for horror us fans, so let's enjoy it if we are able to.


  1. WORD! Good times indeed my friend. Don't get filled with nostalgia we are in a horror golden age in my opinion. Seen sooo many good flicks in the last few years...alot of crap yes but that's nothing new for the horror genre.

  2. I have to agree with you, there have been some CLASSIC flicks in the past few years, I just tend to get bogged down with the crap.

    And for sure, the crap has always been there and is nothing new.


  3. I'll be seeing Drag Me to Hell tonight. Hopefully, I'll post a review before the end of the weekend. Hope things are going well with your friend's recovery.

  4. I'm going to see Drag Me to Hell tonight! Can't wait. I really want to see Pontypool as well.

  5. Thanks Becky, you're a doll! He's actually sitting up and talking now, so he's MUCH better. Still scary, but better.

    And I'm jealous of both of you, I wanna see that movie so bad! Let me know how it was!