April 28, 2009

Martyrs hits DVD today!

*UPDATE* Don't grab this one at Walmart, as they don't carry the unrated version. If it doesn't say "Unrated" on the front, as in the picture directly below, you're buying/renting an edited version of the movie. Do yourself a favor and go grab a copy of this amazing horror flick, as it hits DVD shelves near you today. $14.99 in the Best Buy ad; you can't beat that price for such a great flick. Martyrs was right up there with Let the Right One In as the best horror movie of 2008, and really shouldn't be missed. Be warned though; Martyrs is a very tough movie to sit through, and may not be for everyone (especially overly sensitive chicks.) All kidding aside, it's genuinely harsh, but it's so fantastic that I think it's worth the dirty and warped after-feeling that it will leave you with.


  1. I did not like this film, I think it was the wrong film for me. I like dumb movies with absurd gore, final girls and invincible killers. Whereas Martyrs is intelligent, scary and horrifying.

    The one bit I did like was the end, when that old lady said


    that the assistant ought to keep wondering about what is beyond death.

  2. Yeah, that ending was perfect... "Keep doubting, Etienne." I thought it was brilliant.

    I 100% understand that this movie isn't for everyone, and in fact, it might not be for most people.

  3. Martyrs isn't for everyone thats for sure. But its not your run of the mill torture porn but a blended milkshale of Argeno-ism and torture-core horror.

    It's spawned something new and the French are the best so far in doing this.