November 21, 2008

Twilight.... Am I just not getting it?

Am I the only one who thinks Twilight looks like Dawson's Creek with Vampires and Werewolves? Ok fine, it's a young adult vampire/romance novel, but it's not only kids that seem to be getting worked up over it's release today. I know of two girls in their 20's who are going Friday, and have been caught up in the immense hype hurricane that this film has spawned. Am I wrong to think that's odd? Harry Potter is a kids series, essentially, and I love those movies... so why am I sick in the ass over twilight? -Can somebody please tell me what's up with Vampires that can walk about in the daylight? Oh wait, if they can only come out at night, then there would be no story, because most teenagers have curfews. Got ya. -Does everyone in this movie have an emo vibe going on, or is it just me? -Does Kristin Stewart have more than one expression in her repertoire, or is she good with just looking forlorn all the time? -Why don't I remember Lost Boys, another hip, sexy, teen vampire movie coming off so annoyingly? -Also, did anyone else notice elements of this story basically ripped off from True Blood? The love story, sure, but the main Vamp can't read the lonely love interest's mind? And for the record, True Blood was published a few years before Twilight. The trailer looked plain horrible. The "exclusive scene" shown on The Scream Awards was laughable. The acting looks poor, the characters wooden... Although In all fairness, I do need to see the movie before I can say one way or the other for sure. What I can say however, is that the book wasn't that great: -First person bothers me; I find its narrative limited -The mixing of passive and active voice made me angry. -Tons of adverb/adjective overuse. -Info dumping... a lot was told to me, rather than me being able to see it happen. -All in all, it's obvious this book is meant for slow kids. (Then again, the author had no writing experience, and wrote it in three months, after a dream she had. You can absolutely tell.) I can't imagine that this movie won't kill at the box office; the angst of teenage love, especially when it comes to girls being torn with who to sit with in the lunchroom, is a powerful thing. Myspace, Facebook, and My Yearbook, all social sites, are FLOODED with teen girls asking "OMG, are you on team Jacob, or like. team Edward and stuff?" or "Who's going to see twilight, I am! OMG!" Judging by the level of poor grammar on display in most of these posts, it's almost like I'm picking on the special class kids, but I mean, come on. Maybe it's not for me. Maybe I'm too old, out of touch with being a kid, not girl enough, an elitist prick... Then again, I still love the hell out of The Goonies and The Monster Squad. A kids book, a childish looking movie... we will have to see if it truly does suck or not.


  1. Come on man, get in touch with the inner woman(girl) in you! LOL! You and I are on the same page with this book/movie. I have a few co-workers (female) who have read 3 or 4 of these books and love them. I prefer my vampires to only come out at night. I have been writing a vampire book for the past 5 years with the help of a college professor friend of mine. It is nearly complete and he has the final copy with him now to review. If you want to read a small part of it, check out my May 22 blog post. This is the beginning of the story. There is a short follow up on a post from July 24. Enjoyed your Twlight post!

  2. I have been reading your blog non-stop since tuesday and I think is great. Been said that I went to see Twilight (months ago) because I thought it involved vampires, I liked it (although I like to delete many romantic stuff). I think that the main problem with Twilight is that they announce as a vampire story and is just a plain-teen-love story that happens to have a vampire in between. Well, also I haven't read the book (and I don't plan it). :) Cheer up, there's only 3 more sequels :)