November 22, 2008

Tonight, we meet Bruce

One of the cool things (and there aren't all that many) about living in Michigan, is that when Bruce Campbell has a new movie coming out, he tends to stop by one of our local theaters here to promote them. Last time he did it was for Bubba Ho-Tep, which I missed because of work, which didn't please me too much. Well he's doing it again for My Name is Bruce, and I'm finally going to get to meet him... hopefully. A few of us from THC are heading out to the 7 P.M. screening, which promises a meet and greet and Q&A session with the man who is nothing less than a genre legend. I hope to get some pics and maybe a question or two to post here after all is said and done, so stay tuned to see what happens!

1 comment :

  1. Man that is so cool... I've been a huge Bruce Campbell fan like since I was 9.

    Take lots of pics if you do get to meet him aye lol. Can't wait for the post.

    have fun!